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Sawing machine GW42130

Sawing machine GW42130

1. Sawing range:φ1300mm□1300mmx1300mm

2. Band saw speed: adopt frequency conversion stepless speed regulation (0~55m/min)

3. Feed rate: hydraulic stepless speed control, Taiwan Fengxin USING speed control valve

4. Main drive system:use worm gear reducer

5. Main motor power: 15KW

6. Oil pump motor power: 3.75KW (Taiwan Sanyou oil pump motor), Taiwan Quanmao variable vane pump 2.0 liters

7. Hydraulic system: the main components are made in Taiwan, and the solenoid valve is made by Taiwan Qiyang Company

8. Electrical part: main components adopt Chint and Tianzheng Electric

9. Band saw blade tensioning: using hydraulic automatic tensioning device

10. Feeding method: hydraulic feeding, feeding length 1.8M (length can be determined according to the user)

11. Clamping method: front and rear double jaws hydraulic clamping

12. Optional automatic chip conveyor device, which can automatically discharge sawdust and facilitate the collection of sawdust

13. The overall dimensions of the sawing machine:长5300mm宽2020 mm高3190 mm

14. Saw band specification: 67x1.6x11800mm

15. Random accessories: equipped with a bimetallic band saw blade, a set of random tools

16. Machine weight: about 15 tons

17. Workbench bearing capacity: 40 tons