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Purpose: Sewing of riding boots, sports shoes, work shoes, casual shoes, sponge shoes, high-grade leather toe caps.

Features: Double-roller needle feeding facilitates the operation of upper and lower leather materials. The combined horizontal stitch length is stable, maintains repeatability, and has strong climbing ability.

It adopts gear-feeding and needle-feeding wheel thread, presses the foot, and can still maintain a certain stitch while climbing.

Commonly used for perfect cutting of small, medium or thick threads.

The patented new needle bar seat, the needle bar is fixed on the left and right sides, and the fixed seat is added, which is more stable during sewing, reduces needle breakage and thread breakage, and can sew more neat and beautiful lines.

The strong thread cutting mechanism is suitable for cutting thin and thick threads, and can obtain high-quality thread cutting effects.

When cutting the thread, an independent solenoid valve is used to really control the thread loosening action of the salad group, so that the thread cutting effect is more perfect.

The computer panel display is easy to operate.


Maximum sewing speed: 2500S.P.M            

Maximum stitch length: 7.0mm (needle DPX5)

Motor: Servo motor 3/4 horsepower