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In the first half of 2017, its operating income entered the top three local sawing machines!

  • Release Time:2017-07-27
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In 2017, Weilishi went through the first half of its active development. Despite the increasingly fierce market competition, we still achieved gratifying results. Operating income ranked among the top three in the local sawing machine industry, an increase of 45.75% over the same period last year. To achieve such impressive results, in addition to the hard work of the front-line employees in the workshop, we also thank the sales personnel who have worked hard in the market. Their unremitting efforts have achieved fruitful results. Weilishi not only pays attention to sales performance, but also tailors various products and services according to customer needs, and is refined and deep to meet the real needs of customers to the greatest extent.

The years are like songs, and the market competition is changing rapidly. The road ahead is impossible. As a leader in the local sawing machine industry, it is not only the goal followed by our peers, but also the goal of competition. We feel the responsibility and the pressure to surpass. There are still many unsatisfactory aspects in our product quality, service quality and other aspects. We are deeply disturbed by this. However, we have a clear mind, firm determination, and strong confidence to meet challenges. I wish we can achieve better results in the second half of the year.