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Weilishi-"Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Mythology" Journey

  • Release Time:2017-09-11
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In order to invigorate employees' body and mind, enrich their spare time, improve their physical fitness, increase team spirit, create a healthy and progressive corporate culture, and enhance corporate cohesion and centripetal force, Zhejiang weilishi machine Co., Ltd. together with all employees set foot on 2017.9.9 Ningbo Fantawild Tour~


Fantawild Oriental Painting is a large-scale high-tech theme park full of legends. It is China's largest theme park investment and operator Shenzhen Huaqiang Fantawild Cultural Technology Group following Fantawild World, Fantawild Dream Kingdom, and Fantawild Water Park. A new large-scale high-tech theme park has been built with huge sums of money.

Fangte’s Oriental Painting is a magical oriental scroll. It focuses on the essence of five thousand years of Chinese culture and intangible cultural heritage. It utilizes the latest technology and comprehensive use of laser multimedia, three-dimensional special effects, miniature real scenes, and reality shows. , In an incredible form to show people a splendid picture of the essence of China's five thousand years of history and civilization, which is dreamlike and picturesque.

Go back to the past and experience the future, Fantawild Oriental Painting, a paradise with stories!


Wonderful moment

At the end of the day, you can see the Willis people in almost every project, and I feel very kind, and it seems that the thrilling project is not so scared. Accompanied by screams, shocks, and laughter, the sky soon entered the night, and the happy time is always short. I am grateful for this moment and look forward to the next trip to Weilishi~

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