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Huanglong Scenic Area is looking for expansion, Weilishi employees participate

  • Release Time:2018-05-18
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Outdoor Development

Spring is a season of vitality

The scent of spring that the green trees and flowers can't hide

In this spring season

In order to let everyone relax and be happy in the busy work

Weilishi organized outdoor group development activities~

Assemble ready to be divided into teams

Change into camouflage uniforms

Three teams are in order

Under the leadership of the coach

Warm-up activity started slightly


High-altitude project

Challenge yourself, surpass yourself


Trust back

Trust is a bond,

Narrowed the distance between our hearts


The Great Wall will never fall

The strength of the team is infinite, and the united will become a city~

The same piece of iron,

It can be melted and destroyed, or it can be refined into steel;

The same team,

Can do nothing, or achieve great cause;


Team duel, determine team name, team training and formation


The plan is being discussed intensely~


The formation is on display~


Team volleyball, everyone works together~


Team games, no one can make mistakes!


Through this event,

We deeply feel how important team cohesion is,

Sweat and tears, pain and laughter are intertwined,

So that we all have a profound experience of a team

It takes thousands of times of tempering to become uncomfortable.

Deeply understand what kind of effort a successful person has to make

Can stand on the highest point,

The joy of victory is the result of countless falls and reflections.

Smile is contagious,

Energy will also infect everyone,

The strength of united will, the perseverance of quality

These are our team spirit,

Trust everyone, trust our team,

In 2018, we will not forget our original aspirations and move forward!