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Warmly celebrate the successful launch of another special sawing machine WLS-H400CNC from Weilishi

  • Release Time:2018-06-30
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good news   good news 

Zhejiang weilishi machine Co., Ltd. has successfully launched another special sawing machine WLS-H400CNC! ! !

The WLS-H400CNC sawing machine adopts a frame base and is equipped with safety protection devices:The equipment adds an overall safety protective cover with a safety interlock, an emergency stop button and an automatic safety protective door with interlock. When the protective door is opened, the machine cannot run.

It directly improves the safety performance of the sawing machine. This machine is designed with a separate electrical control cabinet, the electrical control cabinet has a cooling fan, and all electrical components are installed in the electrical cabinet. In order to ensure safety, each action is interlocked.

Specifically:If the clamp is not clamped, the main drive cannot work; during the sawing process, the clamp must not be loosened; all actions are controlled by PLC; if the equipment does not move for more than 0.5 hours, the hydraulic station will automatically stop;

If the equipment does not move for more than 2 hours, the equipment will stop automatically. This machine adopts a fully intelligent control system, two hands start, one-key restore, input the required size through the touch screen, automatic cutting, and the cutting depth is automatically positioned according to the input.


WLS-H400CNC's high-efficiency, energy-saving, intelligent and safe features will lead the sawing industry and become a new benchmark in the sawing industry!    


For specific technical parameters, please consult: 0578-3260888

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