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Jiaolong Canyon Plank Road Risky Ang Guoxiao Cross Weilishi

  • Release Time:2019-05-08
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Jinyun·Jiaokeng Village


Time flies

In a blink of an eye, it’s the end of the May Day holiday, ushering in the May Fourth Youth Day in 2019.

During the "Labor Day" holiday, we are far away from the crowds of people and the hustle and bustle of the city

Come to the "Jiaolong Grand Canyon" in Jinyun Jiaokeng Village to release yourself

There used to be a very "chicken soup" proverb

“When life gives you lemon, make lemonade”

"When life gives you a lemon, make a lemon drink"

Looking back on today and last year, I don’t know if I still remember our passionate military expansion

Looking at today again, this time we can be regarded as carrying out a different "non-labor" activity


32 cars are ready to go


The scenery inside and outside the car


Chairman leads a large force


The director is also very high-spirited

We straddle the high mountains of 1216 meters above sea level

Walked a 6-kilometer mountain road

Through a fully transparent glass bridge

Come to the 360° all-glass observation deck on the top of the Pingfeng Rock

We overcome fear and challenge ourselves

Calmly stand on the observation deck and enjoy the scenery that belongs to us

Speaking of fear, under the premise of any risky event

Fear is "everyone in the world"

But how to overcome the fear lies in the challenge in my heart

How to challenge yourself, we must first do not hesitate

In this "Journey to the Dragon"

I saw the courage and insight of the Weilishi people

Don't shrink, don't hesitate

It's like standing on a viewing platform

Overcome the fear and see the most beautiful scenery

Therefore, in future life or production operations

We will also challenge ourselves more actively

"Even if there is a strong wind, life will never give up"

Jinyun Jiao Keng Village

Ended the 3-hour traversal

We taste delicious farm food at the local restaurant in Ren'an Village

"Wei Event" was also held in Ren'an "Fairy Tale Town"

After the exhausting mountaineering, everyone is still enthusiastic

After the orderly drawing and grouping, we played a series of interactive games

Of course, the prize is also waiting for the winner to receive it.


The first project "The blind wear slippers"

Each group member is blindfolded

After 5 laps of "elephant spin" on the spot, you will win by putting on slippers at the finish line

"Elephant Rotation" is not easy!

Touch your ear with your left hand and your nose with your right hand. After 5 laps, you are really dizzy!

See the players are already walking in a serpentine position~~  


"Blindfolded Brigade"


"Spin Jump"


"Run straight ahead"


"I am the most beautiful boy in this street with my shoes on"


The second project "Carrot Squat"

This is a very responsive game

You can see that our contestants are old and young, and all of them are full of confidence

Hey there! Don't say it, everyone in Weilishi is a "responder"

Each round has been going on for a long time, and every player will not admit defeat

But our referee is also very strict, and no mistake is allowed

In the end, the winner was divided, and give our winners a little applause.



The third project "Hula Hoop Lianliankan"

This is great, all members of the team are holding hands to form a line

Without being able to use your hands

To pass the hula hoop from the front to the back and back

The seemingly difficult game is actually the easiest

Because what is tested is the tacit understanding between the players

Let's see how witty our team members are

Won in a short time



The fourth project "crossing the river by touching stones"

This game is also deceptively simple

Everyone owns 3 colorful bricks

Do not touch the ground and use colorful bricks to walk until the destination

This item is extremely balanced and will fall to the ground if you don’t step on it firmly.

Look at our winners are also the best in the game


The fifth project "Working together"

On our "King Explosion": toe pressure plate

With this "King Explosion", the difficulty of the game will be much harder than ordinary games.

The same props as "crossing the river with rocks" but different meanings

Rely on the power of the whole group of people

The color brick does not fall between people is controlled by people's patience

If you are too anxious to reach the end, you will actually be anxious for success and fail

The winning group is completely the "tacit group"!

Sincerely admire them


The sixth project "Shijiao Tug of War"

The most exciting and thrilling game is here~

The toe plate is already a very "heart-struck" prop

There is also a powerful tug of war in such a difficult scene

You can imagine the difficulty of the game

It’s almost five stars★★★★★

Come and see how hard our team members are!

After several rounds of competition, the toe plate was pulled out of order

At the request of the contestants, we entered a real contest on a flat ground without a toe plate.

What is particularly impressive is that a player has fallen behind in the first round

Ask him: "Did you give up this time?"

The team member said without hesitation: "Don't admit defeat! Never admit defeat!"

Hearing this sentence, I sigh from the bottom of my heart

Although the scale of this "Wei Event" is not grand

But the purpose of the game is fully reflected after playing!

Just like Weilishi's spirit, don't admit defeat!

It is also the employees who have the spirit of not admitting defeat

Fight together every day

Our products can grow rapidly

At the same time, I also believe that it is because of all kinds of competition that we

Only then can you "don't admit defeat and keep doing it!"

Thank you very much to friends who can read this article word by word

Since 2019

Although the Weilishi official account is not updated as frequently as last year

But every article is an event of great significance to us

Under the government's policy of vigorously promoting corporate culture

Weilishi keeps up

Strive to mobilize all employees to participate in the corporate culture

Products are updated, but the corporate culture has a long history

In the past 26 years, we have continued to strengthen ourselves and united our will

It also responded to the phrase "Even if there is a strong wind, life will never give up"