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Guests from the Sawing Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association visited Weilishi

  • Release Time:2019-05-20
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On May 18, 2019, the Sixth Member Conference of the Sawing Branch of the China Machine Tool and Tool Association was held in Jinyun. Chairman Mao Yufeng and Director Zhang Yanjun of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, Deputy County Mayor Liu Jieyang of Jinyun County, Director Zhu Shihua of the Economic and Information Bureau, and Deputy Zhen Ying The director and more than 50 representatives of enterprises from all over the country attended the meeting. At the end of the meeting, under the leadership of Chairman Lu Yinan and General Manager Wang Shiqun, leaders and experts visited our company for inspection.

The 6th General Assembly



This meeting pointed out that in the future sawing machine industry, enterprises should accelerate industrial upgrading to form a benign industrial chain cluster for the development of China's sawing industry.

With the unremitting efforts of various departments, Weiilishi has successively completed various intelligent supporting production lines and solved intelligent cutting solutions for customers. The relevant staff at the scene showed the products of Weilishi to the neckties and business representatives.


Weilishi all staff once again sincerely thank all the leaders

Experts in the sawing industry and business representatives came to guide

Weilishi will surely be under the leadership of all the leaders

Don't forget the original intention and move forward courageously

For "Huzhen Machine Tool Town" and China Machine Tool Association Sawing Machine Branch

Do what "Wei" can

Efforts to develop the characteristics of Willis

Focus on sawing, professional sawing!