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May 11-13, 2018 Yantai Exhibition in Shandong

  • Release Time:2018-05-10
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Exhibition information:

Exhibition Name: 

The 16th Yantai International Machine Tool & Die & mould technical equipment conference


Exhibition time:

11-13 may 2018 


Yantai International Expo Center

Hall B 2f25

Exhibition introduction:

     Yantai International Machine Tool, Tooling and Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition is held in Yantai every May, based on the equipment manufacturing industry of the Jiaodong Peninsula, with an exhibition area of 40,000 square meters and nearly 30,000 professional purchasing visitors, and more than 500 exhibiting companies. As an exhibition supporting the equipment manufacturing base of the Jiaodong Peninsula, the Yantai Machine Tool Show not only delivered a large number of new equipment and new technologies to the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, but also became a window for the machine tool industry to understand market trends and release cutting-edge information. The authoritative platform for manufacturers to purchase equipment and consumables.

Six advantages to create a powerful exhibition and sales platform:

1. The government focuses on building high-end equipment manufacturing industry

2. Exhibitors are high-end and well-known exhibitors gather

3. Exhibits are internationalized and high-end

4. Concurrent forum activities, release of authoritative information

5. Professional audience organization, exhibition quality assurance

6. The market core of the China-Japan-Korea economic circle

Exhibiting equipment:


High-speed metal cutting circular saw

Efficient, precise, economical, fully automatic...

A new generation of sawing revolution!