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Circular saw machine WLS-50A-NC

Circular saw machine WLS-50A-NC

1. Material cutting specifications

Bar:Ø 15 mm – Ø 45 mm

Round tube: 10 mm – 55 mm

Angle material: 10 - 45mm

Rectangle: 10 - 45mm

Remnant length at the end: 50 mm ~ 50+ cut length

2. Saw blade group

Use TCT super hard tungsten steel circular saw blade:maximum Ø225 x 2.0 mm

Use high-speed steel circular saw blade:maximum Ø250 x 2.0 mm

Pin hole + aperture: 2 x Ø11 x PCD63 x Ø32mm

Spindle motor: 4.0kw

Spindle speed: 120rpm/60rpm

3. Feeding group

Feeding length: 5-1000 (single maximum feeding length) mm

Feeding accuracy: ±0.10mm

Fixed-inch feeding method: servo feeding

Feeding clamp: Parallel hydraulic type

Main clamp: Parallel hydraulic type

4. Machinery

Hydraulic motor: 2.2 KW(3HP×4P)

Hydraulic pressure: 5mpa

Oil pressure tank capacity: 约100

Head drive mode: hydraulic feed and vertical cutting

Working voltage: 380 (three-phase) V

Random accessories

1 set of toolbox