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Circular sawing machine WLS-50NC

Circular sawing machine WLS-50NC

1. The vertical chute advances and retracts the knife up and down, the knife feed is stable, the tool life is long, and the cutting precision is high.

2. Careful design: The feeding adopts a floating system, which does not damage the surface of the workpiece, and the feeding accuracy is high.

3. Unique main clamp design, strong and firm clamping force.

4. The coolant is automatically circulated to ensure the smooth cut surface of the workpiece.

5. When the quantity reaches the setting, the counter can set the number of pieces to be cut, it will alarm when it arrives, and the machine will stop automatically after delay.

6. After the material is cut, the alarm lamp will prompt, and the machine will automatically stop after a delay.

7. Equipped with an electronic saw blade protection device, the saw blade will automatically stop when it is blunt.

8. Sawdust is easy to handle and the machine is kept clean.


1. Cutting outer diameter: solid iron rod 10-50mm

                      Hollow iron pipe 10-60mm

                      Copper rod, aluminum rod 10-60mm

2. Feeding length:5-300mm

3. Cutting accuracy: ±0.1mm

4. Cutting efficiency: 3-15 pieces/minute

5. Main motor power: two-speed motor 2.2kw

6. Hydraulic system:2.2kw

7. Maximum pressure: 60KG/cm2

8. Control mode: PLC program control

9. Control voltage: DC24V

10. Power supply: 3-phase AC.380.50-60HZ

11. Machine net weight: 1100kg

12. Dimensions: 1680*950*1720mm