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Circular sawing machine WLS75CNC

Circular sawing machine WLS75CNC

Material cutting specifications:

Round type: Ø 15 mm – Ø 75 mm

Square type: 15 mm – 65 mm

Cutting length:5 mm ~ 9999mm (repetitive feeding)

Cutting length of front end scrap: 5 mm ~ 40mm

Remaining material length: 70 mm ~ 70+ cut length

Saw blade group:

Outer diameter x inner diameter x tooth thickness: Ø300x Ø 30 x 2.0 mm

Number of teeth: 60T / 72T / 80T

Saw blade cutting method: cutting from top to bottom

Saw blade rapid feed speed: 15 M/min

Saw blade cutting feed rate: 10 – 800 mm/min

Saw blade spindle motor: AC 7.5 KW、4P

Saw group return speed: 12,000 mm/min

Sawing area: 25-30 square (45#)

Spindle speed: 60-140 RPM (9-segment cycle)

Saw blade cooling method: oil mist

Cutting drive system: servo motor + ball screw

The material sawing length error is controlled within ±0.03mm;

The verticality of material sawing is controlled within ±0.03mm;

Feeding group:

Feeding method:clamping and feeding

Feeding speed: 24M/min.

Feeding drive system: servo motor + ball screw

Material preparation organization:

Material length (standard):6,000 mm

Maximum material carrying weight: 1,500KG (Ø 65 mm * 10 pcs)

Material feeding method: hydraulic mechanism


Total power: 13.5 Kw

Power supply:AC 220 ( V )  50/60 (Hz)  3 Phase

Hydraulic motor: AC 2.2 KW、4P

Oil pressure tank capacity: 60Liter (ISO VG 32)

Mechanical size: 2100 x 1500 x 1600 mm

Machine weight:2500 KG (not including rack)

Servo control system:

Feeding mechanism: servo control

Saw blade feeding mechanism: servo control

Man-machine interface: touch screen, conversational program input

body color:

Upper part RAL1037 high-gloss paint; lower part RAL7036 semi-matte orange pattern

Random accessories:

1 set of toolbox